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 We are in some kind of relationship with everything around us. 

Spiritual practice brings about healing on almost every level – one of the most important aspects of life to heal is relationship. 

It all starts with healing our relationship with ourself. 

Relationships can be a profound mirror. When they are flourishing they magnify the beauty of life. Yet, even in the best of them, challenges occur that frequently lead to fights and wounding. There is a better way to handle conflict. Relationships can be a part of our spiritual development.

Transforming pain into awakening requires only one simple belief:  

I see in the beloved a reflection of all that I am.
Conflicts are a mirror to help me grow.

In spiritual cultivation there is little room for feeling like a victim and much wisdom in ceasing to fight the external world. Peace flourishes when we stop trying to alter that which we have no control over – i.e. that which happens outside ourselves. 

Change yourself, heal yourself and you will be amazed at how “magically” your relationships and the world around you heals. This is the gift of working with your core patterns. I invite you to accept the gift.  


In her workshops, Dr. Peake uses a blending of psychology, meditation and spiritual practice to demonstrate how what you hold at your deepest core affects and colors your world – including your relationships. 

Meditation and spiritual cultivation are powerful ways of achieving peace and harmony within ourselves and in our relationships with others.

Spiritual Practice: Through spiritual practice we can shift our attitudes, quiet our disruptive mental chatter and overcome many personal challenges.

Meditation:  Dr. Peake teaches a form of meditation that allows us to work with spiritual energy to release barriers that hold us back from achieving our life’s goals and desires.

Psychology: Getting to know our “selves” from a spiritually oriented, psychological perspective paves the way for growth and healing.


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